2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 13

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For today’s prompt, write a view poem. Wherever you're at, you have a view: maybe of a river or sunset. Maybe of a cubicle or a copy machine. Even the blind have a view of darkness, nothingness, or some other -ness. And that's just being literal, because everyone has views on sports, politics, poetry, etc.

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Quick reminder: I know I kind of opened a possible can of worms by opening this prompt to "views" on various things. This is a just a firm reminder to be respectful of each other on here, especially when it comes to personal attacks. I don't like being a bouncer on this site, but I've done it in the past--so no trolling or bullying please.


Poem Your Days Away!

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Online poetry prompts are great! But where can you get your poem fix when you unplug? The answer is the Smash Poetry Journal, by Robert Lee Brewer.

This book collects 125 poetry prompts from the Poetic Asides blog, gives poets plenty of room to write poems, and a lot of other great poetic information. Perfectly sized to carry in a backpack or purse, you can jot down ideas for poems as you’re waiting in line for a morning coffee or take it to the park for a breezy afternoon writing session (or on a bus, at a laundromat, or about anywhere else you can imagine–except under water, unless you’re in a submarine or a giant breathable plastic bubble).

Anyway, it’s great for prompting poems, and you should order a copy today. (Maybe order an extra one as a gift for a friend.)

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Here’s my attempt at a View Poem:


I always think it's weird
to have a window in a bathroom,
especially next to a toilet,
as if I need a nice view
while taking care of my business,
and I'm sorry if that's too personal,
but that's exactly my point:
Why put a window in a bathroom,
especially when you consider
all you're looking out means
somebody else could be looking in?


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He really does think bathroom windows are weird. Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.