2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 29

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Here's a quick behind the scenes of the April PAD Challenge: I always get the prompts set in stone before the month begins. There are a couple reasons for this, though the most important reason is that I don't want to get "prompt block" and slow everyone else up during the month. However, the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez--one of my favorite writers--forced my hand, and I changed today's Two-for-Tuesday prompt mid-month. Enjoy!

The final Two-for-Tuesday prompt for this month is:

  • Write a realism poem. A poem that is rooted in the real world. Or...
  • Write a magical poem. A poem that incorporates magical or fantastical elements.

Or write like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and do both!


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Here's my attempt at a Realism and/or Magical Poem:

"young men with enormous wings"

listen the ocean has fish
for every mood & the sun
can only travel so deep

beneath the surface we hide
our intentions mako sharks
swim figure 8s & approach

with open mouths before they
attack we ran along docks
watching fish scatter as we

dove into the azure sky
spreading our wings & flying
to the vermillion sunset


Today's guest judge is...

Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald

Adam is the author of The Late Parade, his debut collection of poetry from W. W. Norton’s historic Liveright imprint. A 2005 graduate of Boston College, in 2008 he received his Masters in Editorial Studies from Boston University’s Editorial Institute. In 2010, he received his MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

Adam’s poems, essays and interviews have appeared in A Public Space, Boston Review, Conjunctions, Poetry, and elsewhere. He is the founding editor of the poetry journal Maggy and contributing editor for The American Reader. In September 2013, he co-curated the immersive-environment exhibit “John Ashbery Collects: Poet Among Things” for Loretta Howard Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Next summer, he will direct The Ashbery Home School in Hudson, New York with Timothy Donnelly and Dorothea Lasky.

He teaches at The New School and Rutgers University, and lives in a pea-sized studio in NYC.

Learn more here: http://www.thelateparade.com/.


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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems. His favorite Marquez story is "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings," though he also loves the short novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Learn more about Robert here: http://www.robertleebrewer.com/.


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