2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 16

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(Thanks to Anders Bylund for pointing out that today's prompt was not categorized--and not appearing on the Poetic Asides blog! Once again, Anders is a life saver.)

For today's prompt, write a mixed up poem. I guess there are a few ways to come at this poem. Your narrator could have mixed feelings about something. Or a character could get "mixed up" in something. Or the poem could be about mixing up a drink. Or a mixtape. Or however you wish to mix this prompt/poem up.

Here's my mixed up attempt:

"Following the road"

Or the path or the sidewalk or the river
along the bank or the shore or the rocks
worn around the edges or the collar or a ring
aournd the collar or a dog (or cat) collar
or a criminal is collared or we're eating
collard greens or lettuce or soup or stew or
we're not eating anything because we're sitting
and talking or discussing or arguing or maybe
we are just following the road and we come upon
a festival and people are dancing in the street
and selling artwork and ice cream and cupcakes
or just ice cream but it's good to be there with you
and to have nowhere else we could possibly be.