2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5

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Quick reminder: Daylight Savings is tonight. Set your clocks appropriately before going to sleep.

For today's prompt, write a broken poem. The poem can be specifically about something breaking or just include something (or someone for that matter) that's broken. Get as creative as you want about interpreting what's broken: cars, hearts, toys, spirits, codes, etc. Heck, I guess--unless we're writing prose poems--we'll automatically be breaking lines.

Here's my attempt:

"this tree spreading outward"

my shadow wants your shadow to filter
through these branches and dance for no reason
other than the sun is warm and the wind
shifts the leaves any direction it can.
this tree spreading outward wil break sidewalks
and foundations. its roots will seek water
while holding firm to the earth. the years will
ring themselves inside, and children will hide
behind when they play games. yes, this same tree
spreading outward will outlive us, but we
still have this quiet chance to dance alone.


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