2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 29

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For four weeks, we've poemed our hearts out. Now, we're just a Two for Tuesday prompt and tomorrow away from completing this challenge. Let's roll up our sleeves and work some magic.

There are two options for today's prompt:

  1. Write an evening poem.
  2. Write a day-time poem.

Here's my attempt:

"As the day turns to evening crossing the Ohio"

I watch an airplane twist its way into
the atmosphere before spotting a young
couple stranded along the Interstate.
She stands on one side of the car--hazard
lights flashing--and he sits on the other
in a spare tire that he's unable
to change. From her open door, she's waiting
for someone to rescue her while all
he can do is curse and glare at his feet.
Minutes later, I see an elderly
woman drag a buck to the median
after slamming it with her car. A doe
lies on its side on the other shoulder.
Then, a new plane lands. I can't help catching
it all while wondering how they are
connected--trying not to wreck myself.


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