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2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 25

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Wow! The reaction to yesterday's prompt really was something wonderful. There was engaged discussion about faith and lack of faith in which everyone seemed to respect each other as poets and human beings. For me, it showed the best of how we can respect each other while still revealing ourselves through the written word. I've long felt that Poetic Asides is a haven for all poets, regardless of their experience, world views, etc. As long as you're willing to be respectful of others, you're more than welcomed and embraced here. Anyway, this is just a wordy way of me saying that I'm so lucky to have each and every one of you here. Thank you.


For today's prompt, write a falling poem. This could be about the physical act of falling (like someone tying your shoelaces together), or it could be symbolic falling (such as falling in love). With only five days left (after today), we're quickly falling out of another poem-a-day challenge. Make these last few days count, or at least, fall forward toward the finish line.

Here's my attempt:

"On waking"

Clutching my sheets,
my breathing heavy,
I'm glad I'm no longer
falling, though I can still feel
the whole world rushing around me.


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