2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 24

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For today's prompt, write a spaces poem. Your poem could involve white space, outer space, inner space, a parking space, the space between one day and the next, or something other type of spacing. Allow yourself enough space to play around.

Here's my attempt:

"From one space to the next"

First, there is a girl who haunts this playground
on rainy days. Today, she finds a dead
blue jay and buries it with some wood chips.

Several men wearing fluorescent vests
gather around the flat bed of a truck;
none of them notice me when I depart.

The girl finds a blue feather to insert
into the new grave. She bends down and calls
me over. She asks me to say something.

I want to say something important--more
than I've ever wanted anything, but
I can't find the words. Stunned, I find my car.

Leaves flutter from the roof as I drive back
to my home. Only yesterday, they fell
from their trees spiraling like accidents.


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