2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 22

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Okay, the weekend was a little wild and unpredictable--from wiping out comments to not letting me post any prompts (and then eventually posting multiple prompts). Hopefully, we can get back to a little normalcy for the final week or so of poeming. Time to make a stand.

No, really, the prompt today is to write a poem that takes a stand. This could be a political stand, religious stand, personal stand, or I guess a poem about the ability to stand--or setting up a stand (think vegetable stand or newspaper stand, etc.). Whatever your thing, be sure to take a poetic stand today.

My own personal stand: Please play nice--everyone has their own stands, so please try not to stand on anyone's toes just because your stand is different than their stand. Remember: We're all poets here.

Here's my attempt:


I never could do a handstand.
First, my body was always built
for running. It wasn't until
high school that I could do pull ups,
not until college I perform
dips with my triceps, and by then,
I wasn't properly balanced
to try lifting my inverted
body off the ground and holding--
fingers first and feet last. Not all
is lost. There's something to be said
for keeping my feet on the ground
and viewing the world right side up.


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