2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 20

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Up early this morning. Actually, I'm about to hit the road for what will probably be a 16-18 hour road trip up to Ohio and back again (picking up my Ohio boys for Thanksgiving break--yay!). So if you see someone between Duluth, Georgia, and Fairfield, Ohio, today wearing glasses and a brown You'll Shoot Your Eye Out T-shirt, then it's probably me. So be on the lookout.

For today's prompt, write a "what's wrong or right" poem. As with any of these prompts, there are many ways to come at this one. However, since I'm in a hurry to hit the road, my mind is completely blanking on all of them. So, whether it's right or wrong--wrong or right--I'm just gonna get down to poeming. Have a great unsupervised day!

Here's my attempt:

"Whether it's write or wrong"

I have to write, though it may be wrong
to just start typing and drift along.
There are two boys who can't wait to see
their very silly poet daddy.
My one hope is you'll play nice today
while daddy poet has gone away.
But I'll be back for poetic fun
after all my traveling is done.


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