2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 2

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And just like that, we're already into our first "Two for Tuesday" prompt in which I give two options for the prompt. You can choose either of the two prompts or even write both if you feel up to it. We got off to a great start yesterday. Let's keep at it.

Here are today's prompts:

  1. Write a "ready to start" poem. Yesterday's poem closed the door or turned the page on the past events. Time to start looking forward.
  2. Write a "not ready" poem, or even "never ready" poem. Sometimes, we're just not ready for the things that come our way. 

Ready or not, time to write a poem.

Here's my attempt:

"Like Orson Welles and stuff"

We followed the path and elbowed our ways
to the front. Our whole lives seemed held in this
moment. We saw the clouds. We saw the light
strike the earth and give birth to this giant
robot. We weren't prepared to turn and run.


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