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20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards-Mainstream/Literary Fiction

Thank you the everyone who participated in our 20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. Below is a list of the books entered in our Mainstream/Literary Fiction category.

A Suffering Heart
Paula Scanland

Rafael Lima

"(C) Rock Stories: Million-Dollar Tales of Music, Mayhem, and Immaturity"
Dave Brigham

+ One
Brian Baleno

10 Commandments of Love
Ethel Woodard writing as Eve Alexander

29 Tales
James Howerton

33's Theo
Cheryl Madeleine Lodico
isbn: 978-1-4349-6517-2

93 Degrees
Ken England

A Beautiful Song
Michael Cantwell

A Brand New Jas
Charla Baker-Jackson

A Contemporary Voyage of Clouds and Kings
Zach Weihrich

"A Cupboardful of Shoes, and Other Stories"
A. Colin Wright

A Driving Influence
James Huber

A Freak's Journey
Steven R. Roberts

A Full-Grown Man
Bill Hunt

A Halo of Strawberries
Thomas W Devine

Kele Sewell Heartbeat Away.Kele Sewell

A Knight to Remember
James Huber

A Moveable Verdict
David R. Cudlip

a novella On Aging a trilogy of plays
L. Michael Hager

"A Path, So Far"
Ronald Lewis

A Place Of Belonging
Bob Mustin

A Promise Fulfilled
Candy Falk
Candy Falk A Promise Fulfilled

A Sigh for Life's Completion
Sara Kuhns

A Tale of Butts: The Story of a Couch
Echo Ryan (Heather Hobson Lewis)

A Time For Peace
Cheryl Madeleine Lodico
isbn: 978-1-4049-6682-7

A Very Good Man
Jim Trevis

A Witness Tree
Peter C. Tyner

A Woman Possessed
Marilyn Hering

Adele: Wilderness Bride. A Story of New France
Thora Kerr Illing

After the Fog
Kathleen Shoop

Alabaster Houses
Lara McLaughlin

Altamont Augie
Richard Barager

Amanda Memories
Dr. Joel R. Gecht

American Spaz The Novel
Greg Kieser

Jason Lee Norman

Angelica's Discoveries
Otilia Greco

Angel's Family Secrets
Lani M. Blackman

Aristocrat At large
John C. Bird

John Rather

Arranged Marriage and The Vanishing Roots
Dr Oliver Akamnonu

As the Spark Flies Upward
Jenna-Clare Allen

August 29: How Kabir H. Jain Became A Deity
Gandharva Raja

Back to Grace
A.M. Monzione

Backland Graces: Four Novellas
Hal Zina Bennett

Barish : One Rainy Day
Punitha Muniandy

Bathing Elephants
Leela Devi Panikar

Behind the Blue
Joseph Bost

Between Hearts
C. Barry Denham

Between the Shadow and the Flame
Geoffrey Lee Hodge

Beyond The Gastes of Heaven
Expedito A. Ibarbie;

Bianca's Journey
Norma Knowles-Bastien

Big Noise at the Funky Butt Jass Club
Eric Michael Moberg

Birds of Karma

Blameless; Nine Lives Of An Urban Warrior
Scott Cramer

Blue Earth
Jeff Stover

Blue Fall (The Tournament #1)
B. B. Griffith

Boy in a Band
Lisa Loomis

Brave Money
Don Mellon

Bring Back My Body to Me
Rita Ciresi

Broken Road
Cindy Rush

Butterfly Messages
Jamie Elizabeth Tingen

M. Scott Craig

Cameron Nation
David Carraturo

Casting of the Die
John Kackley

"Cat and Dog, A Cajun Tale "
James Ory Theall

"Cat and Mouse, A Second Cajun Tale"
James Ory Theall

Catastrophically Consequential
Stephen C. Bird

Causal Connection
W.C. Hatounian

Charles Dickens and the Night Visitors
David James

Chasing Rainbows
Lynette Chambers & Janice Lee;;

Chimera's Waltz
Bibi Brock Davis

Martha Kennerson

Bili Morrow Shelburne

Club Titanic
Richard Wheat

Code of Darkness
Chris Lindberg

Columbus Avenue Boys
David Carraturo

David R. Cudlip

Cooper's Promise
Timothy Jay Smith

Corruption in God's House
Martin S. Goldberg

Cosette's Tribe
Leah Griffith

Crazy Kids
Eric Hack
not given

"Crossing the Rubicon, A journey in the Time of Apartheid"
Eric de la Harpe

Crown's Jewel
Cynthia Toliver

Crusader I: The Serpent Cross
Karen Parker and Carole Bullock
CreateSpace eStore:

Cultus Maximus
Stephen T. Savage

Dare To Dream
Paige T. Turner

Dee Evans: Special Agent
Mara Clark

"Destined, a novel of the Tarot"
Gail Cleare

Destructive Interference
Martin Skogsbeck

Devil's Parody
Tom Rieber

Dialogues of the Sleeping Mind
Edward Alban

Digging at the Crossroads of Time
Christos Morris
under construction

"Dillon's War, The Weretiger of Kontum"
Richard A. M. Dixon

Dog 281
Janet Vormittag

Dogs Have Angels Too
Sarah Cavallaro

Dolphin's Run
Richard Callen

Double Jeopardy
Judith Blevins

Edward J. McNeill

Drawing The Line
Leonard Critcher

Dreamboat by Lila Valentine Thibideaux
David Dalessandro

Drinking with Dead Women Writers
Elaine Ambrose

Easter Armageddon
Lyle P. Fugleberg
not given

Einstein's Road Trip
George R. Brinner

Ellen's Eye
Patty Duncan

Emerald Bride
Mercy N. Offor

Enzo's Mamma
Wendy Ramer

Escaping Darkness
Michael Rosenbaum

Escaping Paradise
Jeff Weakland

Evermore: An Introduction
Andrew Drage (writing as Brewin)

James J. Wilson

Falling Through the Cracks
"JLC Pulliam, Janice Pulliam"

Farewell My Sweet Charlie
Angela Cohan

Fat Assassins
Marita Fowler

Marie Rogers

Joe Speranza

Final Exit...A Suspenseful Tale Of Passion Unleashed
Joan Nelson Eisen

Finding Emma
Steena Holmes

Tom Weston

Flash Fiction Fridays
Robert Vaughan

For Love & Liberty
Stephen M. Grimble

For The Love of Texas
John D. Schutt
not given

Marjory M Thompson

Richard Lassin Simpkin

Forgotten April
Robyn Bradley

From my Mother
Margreet Dietz
", or:"

Full Measure of Love
Ann Hall Marshall

Future Imaginings
Howard Paul Feigelman

Gently From The Heart
Gloria D. Paul

Glorify Each Day
John Banks

Going Home For Christmas
Eric Foster Rhodes

Good for One Ride
Gary McGinnis (pen name:Theo McGarry)

John W. Ravage

Green Velvet Shoes
Christina Ann Alexander

David R. Cudlip

Harry's Secret
Ron Stock

He Wrote Her Every Day
Gail Lindenberg

Heart of a Native
Tom St. Dennis
not given

Heart of a Native
Tom St. Dennis;

Hearts Unfold
Karen Welch

Heroes of Vietnam
Raymond George Ross

Hollywood and Wine
RM Pala

Holy Water
Robert Schwab

Home and Away
"Reed J. Dunn, Jr. "
not given

"Honor Bound, Terror on the F Train"
Steven R Roberts

Cynthia Rogers Parks

Hypatia's Feud
Nicholas Fourikis Fourikis

I Could Always Be a Waitress
Barbara Radcliffe

I Want You to Be My Second
John-Mark Davidson

If I Were an Eagle Book One
D.L. Hale

If I Were an Eagle Book Two
D.L. Hale

If Thy Right Hand
Robin Lamont

In Search of Solomon's Wisdom
Lesa Stember

In Search of Sushi Tora
Emily Kemme

In The Shadow of Babylon
John M Schwartz

Inanimate Objects
Kendra L. Saunders

Innocent Guilt
A. Terrence Hardge

Intimate Terrorist: Parallels of 9/11 and Domestc Violence
Susan Grace Napier

It’s Just Business
Kelly Fedor

Its Juxtaposition
Brian Bowman

Winston Aarons

Jimmy James Blood
Missy Anne

"Journal of a House Sale: Buy My House, Please!"
Lynn Rhodes Campbell

Journey to Julissa
Janet W. Watkins

Just A Song Before I Go
Timothy Bryant

Just Like Them
Therese Kinkaide

Keeping Secrets
June Kelley Pierce

Kiss of the King Brown
John Condliffe
http://Kiss of the King Brown

Bob Guess


Last One Close The Gate
David T. Johannesen

Legends of the Strait
Bruce Robinson;;

Legends Of The Vacaras-The Diary
John Fennell

Let Me Make You A Sandwich
Donald E. Quist

Levi-- The Last Rezinnite
Matthew B. Hafen
not given

Ildiko Szekely

Living in Africa
Marie Pierce Weber

Living on the Edge
Rondo Barnes

"Raul Palma, Jr."

Long Night Out
Thomas Langtry

Lost in Infinity
Travis Besecker

Love & Darts
Nath Jones

Love and Tequila
David M. Koch

Pol McShane

MacCullough's Women
Kathleen Ferrari

Madness is Catching
Edward Radclyffe

Marc Curtis Little

Greg Lynn

Terry Lloyd Winetsky

Martha's Vine
Sheree Zielke

Marvin Piersoll
Bernard Mendillo

Melanie Bacon

Matinicus--An Island Mystery
Darcy Scott

Maximillion Slaughter: That Ain't No Jive
Ronald Bryan

Maya Memory: The Glory That Was Palenque
Dolly Calderon Wiseman

"Men, Murder and Margaritas"
Bren Austin

"Tara J. Myers, MD"

Middle State
Mike Miller

Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines
Carol E Wyer

Philip Kraske or any other website

Moochie's Place
Jim Murdock

Murderous Magnolias
Susan Howard Solar

Music Made By Bears
Daniel Donatelli

My Last Story
Sophia Palahicky;

My Mother Died in the Phoenix Fire
Jane Elsdon
" amazon, kindle and smashwords"

Need to Know
Christine Merrill

Never Had a Chance to Say Goodbye
A Mohit

Never Trust the World
Mike Hudson

No Alternative
William Dickerson

No Time For Eulogy
Richard D. Thielmann

Nomad on the Run
Georges Benay

Not Exactly The Finest Kind
Scott Honey

Nothing in Paris
Douglas Hergert

"Of Immortalized Warriors, A Novel"
William Mueller

Off Switch
Tom Stohlgren

Oleander Bloom
William Huggins

Onaedo- The Blacksmith's Daughter
Ngozi Achebe

Louise Farmer Smith

One Pink Line
Dina Silver

One Thief Too Many
Alton L. Provost

One-Hit Willie
William Westhoven

Only A Girl
Lian Gouw

Operation Patriotic Toilet Seat
Titus North

"Orphans of Communism, I Am Your Prisoner For Life"
Ilya Polyak

Our Heart
Brian L. MacLearn

Out and Back
Diane Strong

Rob Eddy

Page - A1
Cliff Anthony;

Pain Unforgiven
Randy Pierce

Papers for the Suppression of Reality
Matt Werner

"PARASKAVEDEKATRIAPHOBIA, A Collection of Short Stories"
James Driscoll

Patience Becomes A Lady
Olivia Andem

Paybacks: A Tale of Ponzi Schemes and Families
Jim Flinchum

People of Skies
Jeremy Wohlers

Persia Rising
Mark Langford

Persuaded: A Great Lakes Story
Inez Ross

Pilgrimage of Grace: Turbulent Youth
James H. Lupton
amazon advantage

Padraig Murphy

Plant Teacher
Caroline Alethia

Planting Seeds and Pulling Weeds On a Path to a Family Secret
Vicky Burnett

Playing Fields
Eugene & Helena Melnitchenko

Eugene McCoy - Gene Tunlaw

Promises To Keep
Norma J. Singleton

Protect & Serve: K-9 Policewoman
Maria Larsen

Raising Mother
Sharon Quinn and Sandra Buresh

Raising Rufus: A Maine Love Story
Carla Maria Verdino-Sullwold;

Raskolnikov's Disorder
Marcia E. Letaw

Raving Mad
Jonathan Gregory

Razor's Revenge
Paul Chandler

Rebekah's Journey
Ann Bell

Reel Life
Jackie Townsend

Reichold Street
Ronald L. Herron

Remembering August: Boom One of the Triple C Ranch Saga
Rodney V. Earle

"Right, Wrong, and Rationalizing Truth"
Larry Watts

Rising Sunsets
D. H. Cermeno

River of Angels
Abbe Rolnick
amazon/partners west/

Jason E. Castro

"Rum Fizzes, Mid-Wives and a 30/30 Shot"
Michael Lee Madsen Sr.


RW Duder

C. A. Lindsay

Saturday Matinee
Maxine Neely Davenport

Ryan Frawley

School For Thieves
Marna R. Harbert

Science and Fear (Slaves do not Repent)
Ilya Polyak

Searching For the Sunny Side
Cheryl Madeleine Lodico
isbn: 978-1-4349-6436-6

Secret Societies and Other Stories
M. Grace Matthews

Secrets Brought Home
James Milton Smith

Secrets of the Charles
Susan Boyd

"Secrets, An Odyssey"
Elizabeth Ticknor

Sedona: The Lost Vortex
Mikel J. Wilson

Separate Oceans
Kirstin roberts

Serene Maiden
James George Skinner

Shades of Gray
Susanne Jacoby Hale

Shades of Gray
Dennis Moriarty

Aaron Dennis

Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey
Daniel D. Shields

Jane Ross Potter

William A. Morrison

Silverton Burning
Robert B. Boeder

Sister Raven
Karen Rae Levine

Sleeping Tigers
Holly Robinson

"Soda Springs: Love, Sex, and Civil Rights"
Terry Marshall

Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth
Pamela S. Hargis

Song Ba To
Drew Mendelson

Song of Silence
Ian Prattis

Sotherton Abbey
Inez Ross

Soul Purpose
Kele Sewell
" Sewell, Ronald Sewell"

Soul Retribution
H.B. Salzer

Southern Winds A' Changing
Elizabeth Carroll Foster

Spare Change
Bette Lee Crosby

Raymond H. Mursell

"Speaking of Life, Death, and Hockey . . . "
Scott Noble

Spinning Upward Feminine Solutions
Patsy Seo

Spirit on the Wind
LakotaD. Lynn Gould

"Spirit, a Bildungs Roman"
Jordan McClung

Chris Mendius

Springer's Heart
Bob Manion

Spyder Hole
Bob Nesoff

Star-Spangled Sailors
Carey Roberts

Anders Nyman

Nikos Kopsidas

Stolen Five Times
John D Swisher

Stone and Mortar
John William Parsons

Stories from Potowasso: Morality Tales from a Small Town
William J. Morris

Stowed Away: A Modern Pirate Tale
Aaron Riensche


Streets Of Brass
Jack M. Schwartz

Stress Test
Alan Gold

stripped down running (revised edition)
Andrea Nair

Strung Out
Gigi Arnold

Caroline Burau

Summer Snow
Amy Warwick

Sunrise Over Fire Rock Field
John M.Dolbey/Mae L. Dobley

Surviving Elvis Week
Vanessa Grace & Amy Bea

Vincent Gordon

Tainted Dish
Charles L. Fields

"Taste of The West"" by Dr Oliver Akamnonu "
Dr Oliver Akamnonu

Teaching Narcissus to Swim
Scott Wells

Tears in the Dust
Chuck Waldron

Tell Me When It Hurts
Christine M. Whitehead

Tequila Sunset
Don Mellon

The Abel Conspiracy
Gary D. Henry

The Afghan Deception
W.C. Hatounian

The Agony of Survival: A novel
Dr. Spyros Vrettos

The American War
Don Meyer

The Angry Woman Suite
Lee Fullbright

The Astoria Chinatown Conspiracy
Richard B. Powers

The Black Widows
Doug Zipes

The Bleak December
Dave Kelly

The Blood
L.G. Rivera

The Blood of Zealots
William J. Atkins

The Breeders
Matthew J. Beier

The Bridge Club
Patricia Sands

The Cain Sanction
Mary McNally Ratto

The Calling
Joseph Vicari

The Camp of God's Tears
Marilyn Lee and John R. Mayfield

the Caucasus: a Novel
Thomas Hessler

"The Chaplain’s Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam"
J T Caldwell

The Chapters of Brian Able
B.J. Kelly

The Chemist
Janson Mancheski

The Children Shall Be Blameless
W. Jack Savage

The choice
Jessica Y. Sarabia

J. E. Runnion!/JERunnion

The Cold Days
James Howerton

The Companion
Megan Creel

The Concubine Saga
Lloyd Lofthouse

The Cost of Commitment
Jean A. Blue

The Cut of Pride
James A. Misko

The Cyclops Conspiracy
David Perry

The Dandelion Crowns
C.G. Reardon

The Deltium
Richard DeFabio

The Duke Don't Dance
Richard G Sharp

The Emperor's Dilemma
Craig M Porter Rollins

The Empty Space Between Stars
Sean Conway

The Execution
Sharon Cramer

The Fifth Device
Gunther Boccius

The Fitzy Resolution
A.D. DeSena

The Floors of Memory
Stephen R Wall

The Fundamental Things
phillip dibble

The Garden
Tami Dahlgren

The Ghosts of Bald Head Island
Edith A. Edwards

Cynthia Sally Haggard

The Gilded Prospect
Philip P. Thurman

The Girls From Fourth Ward
Donna Banta

The Goa File
James G. Skinner

The Gold Machine
S. G. Craft

The Governor's Sons
Maria McKenzie

The Greatest Of These
Dorothy M. Foss

The House of Dark Shadows
Digger Cartwright

The House of Many Windows
John Robert Allen; barnes&

The Lady and Her Porch
Carole Allen Bailey

the Last Moon
DeAnn Lubell

The Last Will and Testament of Lemuel Higgins
Patrick James O'Connor

The Layout
J. David Robbins

The Letters of Robinson Crusoe
"Roy Schenkenberger, pen name Robin Kreutznaer"

The Liberation of Maggie Weintraub
Melanie H. Vansell; barnesand

The Liffey Flows On By
Niki Phillips

The Lofts
David C. Velasco

The Lost Tribes of the Alleghenies
Alan Margolis

The Love Gene
not given

The Man Who Lost His Genius & Other Stories
Valerie Byron

The Miracle of the City of Ordinary
Willoiam G. Wadle

The Mojave Chronicles
Walter R. Stump

"The Navigator: A Perilous Passage, Evasion at Sea"
Steve Coleman

The Nightgown
Robert Bancks
9780983 665212

The Ocean under the Moon
Tony Stubits

The One Hundred
Zia Ahmad

The Open Season
Nancy Palmie

The Ouroboros Movement
Joe Garber

The Pencil Test
James Guilford

The Promise
Nathalie Guerin

The Purging of Monica Campbell
Dorothy Joan Riley

The Pursuit of Cool
Robb Skidmore

The Rapture Comes to Lucas Ridge
Russell K. Hatler

The Ripple Effect
Ken Coleman

The Ripple Effect
Marcy Eckhardt

The Ropewalk
John Knauf

The Sailmakers Palm
Anna Gill

The Salome Effect
James Sajo

The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor
Kurt Brindley

The Secrets They Kept
Joanne Tombrakos

The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice
Amy Logan

The Seventh Phenomenon
"Edward P. Moran, Jr."

The Sharecropper
milt thomas

The Sharecropper's Daughter's Secret
Alton L. Provost

The Silent and the Lost
Abu Zubair

The Sperling Chronicles: Dreams Thrown Away
Dilsa Saunders Bailey

The Sperling Chronicles: Split Images
Dilsa Saunders Bailey

The Stone Cathedral
Todd Lev Schachter

The Strangling Angel
Elizabeth Tyrrell

The Streetcar - Tamed Desire
S. J. Westmoreland
not given

The Train to New Orleans - Tales of Madness and Murder
Bill Brashears

The Transients
"Larry R. Cauthen, M.D."

The Twelfth Child
Bette Lee Crosby

The Unforgiving
Ernesto Eribe
not given

The Unveiling
Stefan Alford

The Unwilling Spy
Sue CHAMBLIN Frederick

The Vatican Conspiracies
"James E. ""Mac"" McCarty"
" and E-books:,, iBookstore,"

The Whole Clove Diet: A Novel
Mary W. Walters and

The Witness Tree
Patricia West Hays

The Wonder of Ordinary Magic
Lilli Jolgren Day

The Young Cowpuncher and the Blonde
Clifford B. Crosby

Then Stirs the Feeling Infinite
Joseph Ripple

Therefore Choose Life
Madestella C. Holcomb

There's an Egg Yolk in the Sky
Elaine C. Smith or

Thief of Innocence
Luanne White

This Business of Children
Chloe JonPaul

This Time You Lose
Chris Stralyn;

Through These Eyes
Michael W. Risley

Tides of Grace
Weldon B. Durham

To Be Frank Diego
Dominic Carrillo

To Seize the Prize
Jim Waller

Top Secret Flight
Dale W. Cox ;

Touch of Magenta
Linda Loveland Reid

Don Handfield

Treasure Me
Christine Nolfi
";barnes&; bam, international distribution"

Tree Soldier
Janet Oakley

Trust Matters
W. A. Arsenis

Trust Your Enemies
Mark Tier

Cynthia Sally Haggard

Two Paths Crossing: Then and Now
John D Swisher

Two Sons
Bethany Mackin Baxter

Two Weddings
Farin Powell
isbn 978-1-4620-3101-6;; barnes& e-book Kindle

Ultimate Betrayal
Gene Ligotti

David Karademas

Uncrossed in Saladu
Norman Spray

Unnatural Truth
Christopher Hawke

unpublished poets
Bobby Dews
unpublished poets

Upon A Fine Horse
William Cates

Veteran of the Silent War
Teresa M. Shafer

View From The Edge
Michael Kasenow

Walking Fish

Walking Marina
D. R. Hildebrand

War With Pigeons
Tae Kim

Athena Morningstar Kelly - penname of Toni Lattimer

Warrior's Song
Thomas M. Hill

David Zini

Way Farers
Winfred O. Cook

Wayward Birds
Sam Connery

We Came To Save You
Robert L. Silber

Melanie Bacon

Wells Without Water
Channing Allen

West of Pleiku
John F. Bauer

West of Sheridan
Dean Ross

Charlie Pederson

What Happened in Granite Creek
Robyn Bradley

What It All Comes Down To
Marty Smith

When Any Kind of Love Will Do
Elizabeth amaral;;

Where Y'At?
Tim Lightell

Whiskey Cove
Denise Frisino

Whistling Woman
CC Tillery

White Flowers of Yesterday
Sakuntala Gananathan

Elizabeth Allen

Wings of Hope
Hillary E. Peak

Winter Is Past
Victoria C. Slotto

Women of Summer
"Irvin B. Wells, III"

Worthless People
Tim Wilson

Ye Gods!
Stephen Elder

Zen Queen
Kirsty McManus

Children's Picture books
Genre Fiction
Life Stories
Middle-Grade/Young Adult books
Reference Books

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