Ashley Marie Egan and Diana Terrill Clark

2014 April PAD Challenge countdown: 2. That means tomorrow is one, and then, all bets are off. Come on, clock, tick faster!

As many of you know, I’ve been featuring interviews with the poets who wrote poems in my Top 25 list for the 2013 April PAD Challenge. Unfortunately, there were two interviews that I never received, but I still want to share the Top 25 poems.

So here they are:

In Case of Death, by Ashley Marie Egan

The message was clear,
Yet quite controversial,
Written in red ink,
In bold sharp letters,
“In case of death:
Feed me to sharks.”

Hold That Football, by Diana Terrill Clark

I’m trusting you here, Lucy.
And you’ve let me down before.
But I really think you’ll do it:
Hold the football on the floor.

I’m almost sure you’re honest
and truthful when you say
you’ll hold that football steady
and you won’t pull it away.

And now I’m getting ready
to run and kick that ball.
I’ll kick it to the moon, I will!
I’ll kick it through the wall!

I’ll kick that football higher
than its ever been kicked before!
And now I’m running at it,

And you’ve let me down once more.

And I lay here in the gravel
and I look up and hear you say
that I never should have trusted you
and then you walk away.

“Augh!” is all I mutter as
I lie there in my pain.
And then I think of trusting.
And then it starts to rain.

And all that I can ponder
in the grass, soaked to the bone,
is that it’s better to be trusting
than to have a heart of stone.


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Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems. Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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7 thoughts on “Ashley Marie Egan and Diana Terrill Clark

  1. Ashley Marie

    Oh wow! I’m sorry I don’t remember reviving something about an interview or my poem being chosen. There was a loss in my family recently and I’ve been a little detached from things.

    Regardless it warms my heart to see that you picked one of my poems. Thank you so much. I’m rather fond of that poem and am both honored and proud to see it displayed here.

    – Ashley Marie Egan

  2. PressOn

    Congratulations to Ashely and Diana. These poems gave me completely opposite reactions, but each was done so well, they left strong visions. “Feed me to the sharks” is a startling line, and omitting a final line in the football poem jibes so well withe the comic strip, to say nothing of the sense of tension it leaves.


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