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14 Literary Agents Seeking Memoir NOW

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Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint which agents are open to submissions at any given time. So with that in mind, I'm creating some new vertical lists of agents seeking queries right now, as of summer 2016.

This list is for memoir.

All the agents listed below personally confirmed to me as of July 2016 that they are actively seeking memoir (personal life story) submissions NOW. Some gave personal notes about their tastes while some did not. Good luck querying!


1. Rob Kirkpatrick (The Stuart Agency)


Notes: "I am interested specifically in memoirs from authors who bring significant media platforms or institutional connections that would enable publishers to project a substantial target audience."

How to Submit: Submissions should be sent directly to rob [@] stuartagency.com and include a query letter in the body of the email along with an attached proposal that provides a description, table of contents, sample chapter or full manuscript (if available), and any relevant professional credentials, including publication and sales data (if available) for any previously published books.


2. Gordon Warnock (Fuse Literary)


Notes: "The caveat I'd add is: No misery memoirs or spiritual journeys."

How to Submit: Please query via e-mail at querygordon [@] fuseliterary.com. Please paste in the first chapter below your query. Unsolicited attachments and links will not be opened.


3. Alexis Hurley (Inkwell Management)


How to Submit: Queries should be emailed to submissions [@] inkwellmanagement.com. Write "Query for Alexis: [Title]" in the subject line. In the body of your e-mail, please include a query letter and a short writing sample (1-2 chapters). Emails with large attachments will be discarded.


4. Emma Patterson (Brandt & Hochman)


Notes: "I’m really looking for distinctive stories and strong voices that read like fiction."

How to Submit: "I prefer e-mail and like the query letter and first 10 pages pasted into the body of the e-mail." Send queries to epatterson [@] bromasite.com. Query letters should be no more than two pages and should include a convincing overview of the book project and information about the author and his or her writing credits. If querying Emma, do not query Emily, also on this list.


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5. Chris Park (Foundry Literary + Media)


How to Submit: Chris only accepts submissions by e-mail. Please send all queries to cpsubmissions [@] foundrymedia.com. Include a query letter, sample chapters, table of contents, and author bio. Please include your name and project title in the subject line. "Foundry does accept attachments, but your e-mail will bounce back if the files are too large, so you may also paste your materials in the body of the e-mail."


6. Jessica Papin (Dystel & Goderich)


How to Submit: Query by e-mail to jpapin [@] dystel.com. Paster cover letter in the body of the e-mail. Include a synopsis, outline, sample chapter (one chapter or the first 25 pages of your manuscript) either below the cover letter or attached as a separate document. Does not open attachments if they come with a blank e-mail.


7. Anjali Singh (Ayesha Pande Literary)


Notes: "I'm seeking memoirs that are specifically from a minority perspective or deal with diversity in some way."

How to Submit: Query via the online agency form.


8. Vanessa Robins (Corvisiero Literary)


How to Submit: Please query Vanessa Robins by e-mailing query [@] corvisieroagency.com and putting "ATTN: Vanessa Robins--Query [Book Title]" in the subject line. Vanessa prefers if you write a brief query letter in the body of your e-mail and attach a 1-2 page synopsis and the first five pages of your manuscript to the e-mail in separate Word .doc files. Your query letter should include links to any social media or author websites.


9. Jennifer De Chiara (Jennifer De Chiara Agency)


Notes: "I love anything and everything Hollywood, especially celebrity bios/autobiographies. I'm always looking for beautifully written memoirs about people who have overcome incredible odds, books about the arts and performing arts, behind-the-scenes-type books, and books about popular culture."

How to Submit: Please email a query to jenndec [@] aol.com and put "Query" in the subject line of your e-mail. Please attach the entire proposal as a Word document (the proposal should include a sample chapter), along with a one-paragraph bio and a one-paragraph synopsis of your book in the body of your e-mail.


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10. Carrie Pestritto (Prospect Agency)


How to Submit: Upload submission through the agency's online submissions page. Do not query by mail or e-mail.


11. Roz Foster (Sandra Dijkstra & Associates Literary Agency)


How to Submit: Send queries to roz [@] dijkstraagency.com. Please send a query letter, an overview of your project (including a chapter outline), a brief bio (including a description of your publishing history), a description of competing books, and the first 10-15 pages of your first chapter. "If we are interested, we will ask you to send your complete proposal. Please send all items in the body of the e-mail, not as an attachment."


12. Erin Niumata (Folio Literary)


How to Submit: Please submit queries to erin [@] foliolit.com. Please include the query letter and first ten pages of your manuscript or proposal in the body of the e-mail. Please be sure to write "QUERY" in the e-mail subject line.


13. Sam Hiyate (The Rights Factory)


How to Submit: Send queries to sam [@] therightsfactory.com.


14. Emily Forland (Brandt & Hochman)


How to Submit: Send queries to eforland [@] bromasite.com. Query letters should be no more than two pages and should include a convincing overview of the book project and information about the author and his or her writing credits. If querying Emily, do not query Emma, also on this list.


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