New Contest: Get your short story published in Writer's Digest magazine

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It’s a bit hard to believe (the summer flew, right?) but it’s already time for another round of our Your Story contest, the free writing competition that could land you on Writer’s Digest magazine’s lone fiction page.

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Up for a challenge?

??In 750 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring, send your response to the prompt below to, and/or post it in the Comments section and I’ll enter it in the competition. By posting below and sharing your work, you’ll also be automatically entered in our occasional around-the-office swag drawings. (If you’re having trouble with the captcha code sticking, feel free to e-mail your story to me at, with “Promptly” in the subject line, and I’ll make sure it gets up.) ??Afterward, the WD editors will select their favorite entries, and our forum members will vote on a winner. The latest prompt (deadline: Oct. 10), from our October issue, follows.

Good luck!

* * *

WRITING PROMPT: Your Story No. 29????

While remodeling a room of your house, you discover a door to another room you didn’t know existed.?


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