The 2019 Writer's Digest Poetry Awards Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 WD Poetry Awards!
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From around 1,000 entries, WD editors selected the following 25 poems as winners of the 2019 Writer's Digest Poetry Awards.

Read the winning poem by Nancy Shea.

1. “Lullaby” by Nancy Shea

2. “Sister Anne at St Isaac’s Retreat House – Hokianga Harbour, New Zealand” by Terri Ashton

3. “Poetry Submission Guidelines” by Yiskah Rosenfeld

4. “ghosts” by Katelyn Grimes

5. “Medio Mudo” by Joe Frye

6. “Slack” by Erica Hostetler

7. “Choose Some Other Language, Dear” by Harvey Soss

8. “Mojave” by Ron Santos

9. “In a Thimble of My Spit” by Suellen Wedmore

10. “Dawn Moonset – Sunset Crater” by Mel Konner

11. "Revival" by Ambrin McBrinn

12. "Message From the Authentic" by Laura Miller

13. "about walking on a typewriter, like walking through a graveyard" by Jack Robertson

14. "The Murex" by Pat Anthony

15. "Byron Anamnesis" by Aria Ligi

16. "Elephants for Sheila" by Mary Ann Unger

17. "Supplies" by Eddie Sullivan

18. "Leviathan" by Jordan Shields

19. "An Abecedarian for the Opposite of Wanderlust" by Arista Engineer

20. "Going after mistletoe" by Jody Serey

21. "#32" by Jack Robertson

22. "A Joyful Noise" by Harvey Soss

23. "Kxai-kxai Dawn" by Mel Konner

24. "My Father's Pencil" by Beverly Magovern Lyon

25. "Little Town, Texas" by Justine Lockhart