Announcing the Winners of the 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 20th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition!
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Out of many great entries, WD editors selected the following 25 winners.

Read the Grand Prize winning short story here.

1. “Qutting Time” by Gregory Jeffers

2. “The Pride” by Jane Eaton Hamilton

3. “An Indefinite Progress of Existence” by Sara Lynn Burnett

4. “Frankie’s Mother” by Beth Burnett

5. “The Jury Pool Puzzle” by B. P. Barker

6. “Just a Little Old Lady” by Antoinette Berthelotte

7. “Dad” by Dennys Estevez

8. “A Child’s Night” by Mary Eastham

9. “Ripples” by Angela Sungaila

10. “The Hermit’s Tattoo” by Leslie Kirk Campbell

11. "Mythical Places" by Jessica Hollander

12. "Tear Mine" by Laurel Nathanson

13. "Loretta's Great Deal" by Stephen Michael Berberich

14. "I'm Still Here" by Barbara North

15. "Russell" by Melissa Murphy

16. "Six Pains Over Nine" by Sheilah Michaels

17. "Reflection" by Peter Mayne

18. "April Fool" by Ross N Phillips

19. "A Single Plate" by Liz Waltzman

20. "The Wedding Day" by Ann Menschel

21. "Call Me Pretty" by Mary Maeve McGeorge

22. "On Her Knees" by Susan R. Barclay

23. "Scavenger" by Marci Martin

24. "Sharing Worlds" by Diane Talbert

25. "The Win" by DJ O'Toole

Learn more about first place winner Gregory Jeffers and his writing process in his winner profile.