The Writer's Digest Writing Clinic

Expert Help for Improving Your Work
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The Writer's Digest Writing Clinic
Expert Help for Improving Your Work
Edited by Kelly Nickell
Writer's Digest Books, 2004
ISBN 1-58297-318-0
$16.99 paperback, 256 pages

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About the Book
Revision can be a challenge because figuring out what to change—and how to change it—isn’t always clear. Now The Writer’s Digest Writing Clinic shows you how it’s done!

From grammar and plot to voice and dialogue, the key is learning how to look at your work with the objective eye of an editor. Doing so will help you make the right choices about what stays, what goes, and what gets rewritten.

Inside you’ll find 36 manuscript excepts, poems, essays, query letters, and more submitted by real-life writers, then turned over to professional editors for review.

These editors provide constructive critiques, step-by-step techniques, and problem-solving exercises for improving each piece. Their actual corrections are marked right on the page—clear, concise, and to-the-point! Using these methods to improve your own work is a snap.

You’ll also discover how to make the most of a writing group, including tips on when to follow someone else’s advice and when to politely decline it.

By learning how to think like an editor—with objectivity and focus—you’ll become a better writer, no matter whose work you’re critiquing.