The Writer's Digest Grammar Desk Reference

The Definitive Source for Clear and Correct Writing
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The Writer's Digest Grammar Desk Reference
The Definitive Source for Clear and Correct Writing
by Gary Lutz & Diane Stevenson
Writer's Digest Books, 2005
ISBN 1-58297-335-0
$24.99 paperback with concealed wire binding and tabs, 352 pages

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About the Book

The Writer’s Digest Grammar Desk Reference is the comprehensive resource on grammar and usage, a necessity for every writer’s desk. It presents balanced instruction and real-world examples that will ensure professional and flawless work on every occasion. A comprehensive subject guide provides ease of use, and thorough discussions address such issues as punctuation, sentence structure, parts of speech and much more.

There are some principles of usage I thought I’d never understand. This book has proven me wrong. Clear, illuminating, and comprehensive—this is a must-have resource for grammarians and laymen, alike.
—Fiona Maazel, managing editor of The Paris Review

For those who believe the soul is at stake when utterance is at stake, there can be no more saving engagement than that which offers itself within. Huzzah for heroes Lutz and Stevenson! Medals at the ready, please.
—Gordon Lish

Some people—not a few linguists and high-school English teachers among them—foolishly believe that grammar matters not at all. Let them read The Writer’s Digest Grammar Desk Reference, which, with an explanation that is cogent, a treatment that is thorough, and examples that are telling, makes it plain that grammar matters mightily.
—Robert Hartwell Fiske, author of Dictionary of Disagreeable English

The Grammar Desk Reference is an invaluable resource for the writer—or editor!—in any stage of his or her career. Lutz and Stevenson explain the rules clearly, concisely, and entertainingly, with examples from major newspapers and magazines. I’m keeping a copy on my desk.
—Dawn Raffel, executive articles editor at O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Carrying the Body

For a lot of people, using correct grammar is as fun and easy as doing their taxes. And previous grammar books are like the horribly printed guides that the federal government sends out in an attempt to alleviate stress and make the whole process simpler. In The Writer’s Digest Grammar Desk Reference, Gary Lutz and Diane Stevenson revolutionize this foggy world by providing organized, fun, and simple examples we should all consult for years to come.
—Jeff Johnson, senior music editor and writer at JANE magazine