The Novel Writer's Toolkit

A guide to writing great fiction and getting it published
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The Novel Writer's Toolkit
by Bob Mayer
Writer's Digest Books, 2004
ISBN 1-58297-320-2
$16.99 paperback, 240 pages

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About the Book
Writing a novel and getting it published: That's your goal—and nothing will keep you from making it happen. Such a goal, of course, presents a number of challenges. Make sure you have the tools you need to overcome them and succeed.

In The Novel Writer's Toolkit, best-selling novelist Bob Mayer shares a veteran writer's hard-won advice with a style that's straight from the hip. He lays out the nuts and bolts of novel writing, along with guidelines for starting, finishing, or revising your own work and getting it published. Self-contained chapters make it easy to focus on just the elements you need. Take in the advice, sharpen your skills, and hit the ground running. Mayer provides all the reliable information and instruction you need to make your dreams of publication come true.

What are you waiting for? The Novel Writer's Toolkit ensures that you're properly equipped for success! Let The Novel Writer's Toolkit show you how to write a strong, salable novel with a compelling plot and nuanced characters—without years of trial and error, submission and rejection.

Best-selling author Bob Mayer provides a crystal clear picture of both the craft and the business of writing, plus entertaining, anecdote-rich advice. Detailed guidelines for developing superior writing skills are provided in easily digestible chapters designed to put you on the fast track. From plot to point of view, from breaking in to breaking out, every aspect of the novelist's craft gets its due.