The New Songwriter's Guide to Music Publishing

Everything You Need to Know to Make the Best Publishing Deals for Your Songs
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The New Songwriter's Guide to Music Publishing
Everything You Need to Know to Make the Best Publishing Deals for Your Songs
by Randy Poe
Writer's Digest Books, 2005
ISBN 1-58297-383-0
$18.99 paperback, 160 pages

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About the Book
If you're a songwriter, your job is to ban an expert at crafting songs—but to be successful you also need to have a sound working knowledge of music publishing. This easy-to-read book leads you through the music publishing maze, taking the mystery out of one of the most lucrative—but least understood—areas of the entertainment industry.

Learn how songwriters and music publishers earn royalties; the most common types of music publishing contracts offered to songwriters; the inner workings of a typical music publishing company; and even how to start your own music publishing company.

In this newly revised and expanded edition of his award-winning book, Randy Poe, president of Leiber & Stoller Music Publishing, also describes recent changes in copyright law; how the Internet and other new technologies are impacting the rights and income of songwriters and music publishers; and all the very latest information—and insider secrets—you need to know about today's music publishing world.

More About the Book
“This excellent, comprehensive guide is a valuable addition to any musician’s library. The author’s background lends enormous authority and timeliness to the material.”
Guitar Player


“If the music publishing business is difficult for you to comprehend, don’t get frustrated—get this book.”
Songwriter’s Musepaper

“In addition to musical talent, songwriters need to understand the basics of the music business in order to succeed. Randy Poe has presented an insightful, concise guide to music publishing for the songwriter. He is to be commended for undertaking such an ambitious project and making it work.”
—Marilyn Bergman, President and Chairman of the Board, ASCAP (co-writer of “The Way We Were,” “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life” and “Windmills of Your Mind”)

“Randy Poe’s knowledge and experience in the music business, combined with his passion for songs and the people who create them, make this book a must for anyone truly interested in a deeper understanding of music publishing.”
—Frances Preston, President Emeritus, BMI

“Next to a rhyming dictionary and a blank notebook, this could be the most important volume a songwriter will ever own.”
Sing Out!

“If songwriters want to see more clearly into the music business, Randy Poe is the force—this book is the source.”
—George David Weiss (co-writer of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “What a Wonderful World”)

An important and long-overdue book that is must reading for those already in or those thinking about entering the field of music.”
—Ellie Greenwich (co-writer of “Be My Baby,” “Chapel of Love,” “Do Wah Diddy Diddy,” and “Leader of the Pack”)

“Run—do not walk—to your local bookstore and get a copy … Then keep it on top of the piano, right there next to your manuscript paper.”
Sheet Music Magazine


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