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Writing the Christian Romance

Create a story reflective of Christian values without being preachy
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Writing the Christian Romance
by Gail Gaymer Martin
Writer's Digest Books, 2008
ISBN 978-158297-477-4
$16.99 paperback, 240 pages

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Find out what Gail Gaymer Martin has to say about the writing life.

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Find out who reads Christian Romance and why Christian authors choose to write it.

About the Book
Writing Christian fiction is more than having characters utter a prayer or attend church or Sunday school. Every action and though must reflect a Christian worldview that comes from the author's heart. This unmatched resource by award-winning novelist Gail Gaymer Martin instructs writers on how to master the necessary skills required to construct a believable story that meets and exceeds the standards of the Christian market.

Through detailed, step-by-step instruction, and examples from successful Christian romances, you'll discover how to:

  • develop a story that includes personal, romantic, and spiritual growth
  • incorporate prayer and spirituality into your story
  • use introspection to fully develop characters' relationship with God
  • discuss issues of sin and forgiveness in believable ways
  • present sexuality realistically, but from a Christian viewpoint

You'll also explore different options for romance publishing—a single title or a category romance—and understand who to market it to. Plus you'll find thoughts and advice from successful Christian authors about how to write while staying authentic and true to your faith.

Praise for Writing the Christian Romance
"Writing the Christian Romance is a well-researched and detailed handbook for anyone interested in writing for this unique and growing market. Filled with examples and excerpts from successful romance novelists, this is a resource that writers will turn to again and again."
—Robin Lee Hatcher, RITA Award winning author

"If you want to write romances for the Christian market, you need this book. Gail knows how to teach others to write and sell Christian romance. This guide is practical, chock-full of examples, and loaded with worksheets and exercises to get you started or help make your story salable."
—Lin Johnson, managing editor, Christian Communicator