Children's Writer's Word Book

Essential information for children's writers
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Children's Writer's Word Book
by Alijandra Mogilner
Writer's Digest Books, 2006
ISBN 978-1-58297-413-2
$16.99 hardcover, 352 pages

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About the Book

Becoming a published children’s writer is an achievable dream—now more than ever! Publishers in this fast-growing market are hungry for articles, books and stories. The Children’s Writer’s Word Book will help you position and present your work most favorably. It’s an easy-to-use reference, not meant to replace books on “how to write,” but rather to be used along with your dictionary and thesaurus.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Lists of specific words introduced at each of seven reading levels (K-6)
  • A thesaurus of those words with synonyms, annotated with reading levels
  • Advice and tips on those practices particular to word usage in children’s writing
  • Samples of writing for each reading level

Here’s what it does for you:

  • Helps you get into the minds of children at various ages
  • Offers idea generators for other stories
  • Keeps you in touch with reading levels for today’s kids
  • Gives you guidelines for sentence length, word usage and theme at each reading level
  • Most important, it saves you time by putting all this information in on handy volume.