Bulletproof Book Proposals

Publishing industry secrets for beating the 98% rejection rate
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Bulletproof Book Proposals

by Pam Brodowsky and Eric Neuhaus
Writer's Digest Books, 2006
ISBN 978-1-58297-367-8
$14.99 paperback, 272 pages

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About the Book
Is writing a book proposal actually harder than writing the book itself? Not if you have Bulletproof Book Proposals.

In the first part of the book, agent Pam Brodowsky and author Eric Neuhaus simplify the proposal-writing process with clear instruction and exercises that will help you start and finish your own book proposal. With their unique ten-step approach, you’ll learn how to:

  • craft an overview that’s engaging and to the point
  • conduct a thorough competitive-book analysis
  • define your target market and secondary markets
  • write comprehensive chapter outlines and summaries

Then in the second part, Brodowsky and Neuhaus give you twelve real-life proposals that successfully sold book projects, along with commentary from the authors of the proposals and the agents and editors who took on the projects. You’ll also find thorough comments on each proposal, pointing out what details make them effective and how you can emulate their success. You will:

  • discover how to model your proposal by studying a variety of strong approaches
  • find out what really gets editors and agents hooked
  • learn who different formats can be used to best suit your needs
  • and much, much more!

Bulletproof Book Proposals leaves you with no excuses. Now there is nothing stopping you from selling your nonfiction book!

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