Weekend Prompt: Strange Happenings in the RV

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The RV is full. The gas is low. From the expressway, nobody has any clue what's inside. But that may change soon.


Hey writers,

The WD offices in Cincinnati are silent. A stack of queries sits, pensive, anxious. A few tapped keys echo. Mini notes on computer monitors assure passers-by their owners shall return soon.

Magazine/book imprint apocalypse? Quite the opposite. The majority of our staff has jetted off to New York City for the Writer’s Digest Conference: The Business of Getting Publishing. If you couldn’t make it this weekend, you can follow the goings-on live as my friends and comrades blog about the latest developments in publishing—and what it means to writers—at writersdigestconference.blogspot.com.

Meanwhile, your trusty managing editor will be holding down the fort, working on the Writer’s Yearbook 2010 magazine and the WD Interview for our 90th anniversary issue—which is, in my opinion, one of the coolest legends we’ve ever featured.

If you’re outside of New York, say, perhaps, landlocked in the great Midwest, pack up your mental RV and take a stab at the prompt above. In 500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring, your stories are welcome in the Comments section of the blog, where they’ll be entered in our monthly swag giveaway. Or, chime in with your thoughts about Dan Brown and his success here, where J. Alvey has posted some great insights about the industry and the author.

Have an excellent weekend,