The Weird Week in Writing: Literary tattoos, a Betty White comic book, and the curious case of Operation Dark Heart

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The Word Made Flesh: If your favorite books are already forever imprinted in your mind, why not wear them on your sleeve? Check out the trailer for an intriguing new book on literary tattoos. (PS, anyone else have any literary tattoos?)

“Tony Blair is accused of plagiarizing his fictionalized self in his new memoir”: Per EW, it seems Blair might have taken too much of a liking to the cinematic portrayal of himself in the film The Queen. (Maybe Sarah Palin will make a similar move and decide to run for president on a steam platform, based on her love of the upcoming Steampunk Palin comic book?)

Bring on the Betty:
Golden Girls star Betty White is set to appear in her very own Female Force single-issue comic, set to release in November. Like the everlasting battle between Marvel and DC characters, we shall be split into distinct camps, and forced to decide: Female Force: Betty White, or Steampunk Palin?

The Pen is Mightier: If it’s 7 feet long. A visual artist has solicited several thousand dollars through an online fundraising site to build a massive pen for performances and art.

Government preheats its furnace to 451 degrees: After several agencies raised issues with an Army reservist’s forthcoming book, Operation Dark Heart, the Defense Department is reportedly planning to buy and destroy the entire 10,000 copy first print run. What say you, Mr. Orwell?

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