The Weird Week in Writing: Bill Murray, Damon Wayans, plus the showdown between Team Gatsby and Team Prynne

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Freaky Friday—the latest from the weird (and typically wonderful, with the exception of item No. 3) world of writing this week:

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Bill Murray dons a hard hat:To read poetry to construction workers. (Really.) Awesomely strange.

Damon Wayans dons a red hat:
And things take a turn for the serious as the "In Living Color"/Mo’ Money comedian releases his novel Red Hats—“an inspirational story about a recently widowed senior citizen woman, Alma, who rediscovers life through a special group of pals that call themselves the ‘Red Hats.’ ”

Write what you know (or else): A Providence man reportedly awoke to find three police officers in his sister’s apartment. They found a copy of a topical poem he’d written. According to the writer, the officers then said the following, and beat him up: "What does it [the poem] mean?” “If you don't tell me what this [the poem] is, I'm gonna slap your face across this cabinet.” “You shouldn't write about things if you don't know what you're talking about.”

Team Gatsby v. Team Prynne: Personally, I’m a Team Vonnegut man. What about you? Check out Novel-T’s new line of authorial baseball shirts. My credit card is calling my name (and calling me a nerd).

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As fate would have it, you’ve been invited to do the introduction for your longtime archenemy, who is speaking at your company’s annual conference. After drawing a breath and making sure you have everything you need, you approach the podium.


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