Mid-Week Prompt: Rejecting the Rejection

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Hey writers,

Not too long ago, a strange thing happened in the storied submissions intake department of WD (my cluttered desk). In short, a writer pitched us a pretty solid idea, but we had run something similar in a previous issue, so I sent a polite “no,” and explained the situation.

My e-mail pinged an hour later: “Can I reject this rejection?”

I sat there, brainstorming faux-clever responses galore, from the dashing one-liner to the form letter (a triple play!), and eventually X’d the e-mail out.

Still, I found it hilarious, and often wonder what her letter would have entailed, had it gone into greater depth.

Also, a tip of the prompt hat to Beth Cato, whose “That Strange Day” piece is this week’s Notable Story pick. Next week, guest judge/WD Editor Jessica Strawser and I will pick our favorite story for the monthly swag giveaway.

Have a great Wednesday,



PROMPT: Rejecting the Rejection
In 500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring:

You’ve had it. You can’t take it any more. You decide to reject a rejection letter.