What's Your Storytelling Superpower?

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In our social media-driven world, personality quizzes abound ... but have you ever wondered if taking one could reveal something useful about your writing? Enter the Storytelling Superpower quiz,a fun and surprisingly insightful analysis of your strongest writing qualities.

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The quiz was developed by Gabriela Pereira, the founder of DIY MFA and the author of DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community. Once you determine the character archetype who speaks to you most clearly, you can join Gabriela on June 17-24 for the Storytelling Superpower Summit, a weeklong virtual event that takes an in-depth look at the four character archetypes, their strengths and weaknesses, and the stories that generate the most dramatic conflict for them.

I took the quiz, which guided me through simple, visual-based prompts on my favorite book and season, and on certain characters and images that speak to me. I recommend going with your gut instinct; this will give you a more honest assessment than if you agonize over every question.

So what character should I be writing? According to the Storytelling Superpower quiz ...

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... which is, in fact, pretty darn spot on.

How about you? What's your storytelling superpower? Take the quiz, and then share your results in the comments!

Rachel Randall is the editorial director for Writer's Digest Books.

Rachel Randall