Step-By-Step Ways to Build Your Author Entrepreneurship

Dan Blank, founder of, shares his thoughts on building an author entrepreneurship and getting the most out your book.
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This is a post by guest blogger, Joe Perry, intern at FinePrint Literary Management.


Dan Blank, founder of, was one of the first speakers of the morning at the second day of the 2012 Writer's Digest Conference. He focused his presentation on one of the most important aspects that writers--both fiction and non-fiction--tend to forget: building their own platform.

Blank's presentation targeted published and non-published writers, and his goal for the session was to help writers begin to develop a strategic business plan for their books and career. He shared with the audience his simple step-by-step plan for writers to grow their entrepeneurship as an author. For a quick glance, check out the steps below:

  • Step 1: Your Business Roadmap
  • Step 2: Market Analysis
  • Step 3: Branding
  • Step 4: Your Product and Service Offering
  • Step 5: Marketing Funnel
  • Step 6: Getting the Word Out
  • Step 7: Managing Your Resources
  • Step 8: Measuring Success

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