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50 Prompts for Joyful Writing

How to celebrate and share your writing every day, even if you don't publish your work.
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When most writers consider their craft, they often think about writing a book, poem or magazine article. However, freelance writer and editor Mary Busha is not among them. In the July '01 issue, she outlines 50 reason to write just for the sheer joy it brings.

Here's a sample of reasons to keep writing and stay inspired:

9. Confront: If it's difficult to confront someone face to face, try putting it in writing. The receiver may not as easily mistake what you are trying to convey.

23. Journal: What better way to keep track of our thoughts or the special things we do, even our daily challenges, than by journaling on a regular basis? Many authors say that journaling provides them with a surplus of writing material.

27. Memorialize: The words we write in memory of someone can become treasures in the hands of those who have lost someone dear.

44. Regroup: To clear our minds and make new plans of action, we can put in writing everything that seems to be overwhelming us. Seeing it in writing allows us to re-establish priorities, and perceive it all with a fresh perspective.

The July issue of Writer's Digest is available for purchase online.


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