Morning Call Time is MOVING!

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Hey, everyone--

Just wanted to give you a quick update... for those of you who have been listening to Morning Call Time, my morning news podcast that aggregates the news from each morning's trades, last week was MCT's final week with and FishbowlLA... which means there won't be any new podcasts for a while.

BUT FEAR NOT-- the wheels are turning to get Morning Call Time up as quickly as possible at its new home, and I'll have an announcement about that as soon as possible! There are still some technical glitches to be worked out, but I promise-- it'll be back soon bigger and better than ever!

(Unfortunately, this does mean that those of you who are subscribed will have to re-subscribe. Subscriptions, even on iTunes, won't carry over from the mediabistro to the new home. But I'll fill you in more as soon as I have more details...)