Au Revoir... kind of

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Hey, folks—

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s been a loooong time since
my last post.Sorry about that-- between The Wanda Sykes Show wrapping (and, sadly, getting
canceled), the tumult of staffing season, and starting a new script deal,
the past few months have been total chaos.

Also… and this is the most bittersweet part to be writing…
this is my last post here at Writers Digest’s “Script Notes” blog.While it’s sad to go, I’ll be starting
a new blog, “Prime Time,” over at Script magazine, and I hope you’ll all join
me there!

I’ve been blogging here for the past three years, and it’s
been an absolute blast.From
answering all your great questions and critiquing submissions in the Pitch
Workshop to interviewing so many wonderful writers and producers, every moment
has been a blast.

So… first of all… THANK YOU, READERS.Whether you sent in a question,
submitted a pitch to be critiqued, posted a comment agreeing or disagreeing (or
even bashing) me, or simply enjoyed reading, you guys have continually made
this job a thrill and a challenge.

Secondly… thanks to all the outstanding writers, producers,
directors, authors, and everyone else who wrote a guest piece or lent me their
time, talent, and knowledge so I could interview or write about them.

Thirdly—apologies to all of you who didn’t yet get your
questions answered.I actually
have a stack/inbox of questions waiting for responses, and I’ll be taking them
with me to "Prime Time." And for
those of you who would like to ASK a question, feel free to email them to (You can also visit, where I've got tons of links to writing resources, job-hunting sites, helpful books and websites, etc.)

In the mean time, I hope this blog has been fun, helpful,
and informative—and all of you have benefited and learned something along the

Having said that…

This is NOT goodbye!
I’ll still be doing many things with the Writers Digest family,
including judging their annual screenwriting contest, which we’re in the midst
of right now.And as always, I’ll
have articles popping in the print magazine whenever I can.(I’m also hoping that Writers Digest
will leave this blog up—even though there won’t be new posts, it’s a great
archive of links and information… so please to use it!)

Lastly, I do hope you’ll join me over at Prime Time ( , where
we’ll be talking about many of the same things, all in the world of TV.I’ll be answering reader questions,
talking about writing techniques, doing interviews with professionals in all
areas of television.

So until next time—thanks again for everything, keep in
touch, and remember me in your Emmy speeches…



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