Your Story Frequently Asked Questions

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Has my story been received?
As long as you use the Your Story submission form or email, then your story has been received. Please do not send multiple submissions as it makes judging more difficult and will not increase your chances of winning. Please do not send emails asking if your story has been received. We do not send out a confirmation. As long as you do not receive an error message, then your submission has been received. We get thousands of submission emails, and weeding through those asking if a submission was received slows down our reviewing process, and may cause delays in posting finalists.

How do I vote?
You must be create a free account to participate in voting. Click here to register.

Once registered, simply click here and you'll be able to see the finalists and participate in the voting.

How many times can I vote?
You may only vote one time per contest.

Can I vote for myself?
Yes. But, remember, you can only vote one time. Voting more than once will disqualify your votes entirely.

Where can I find out who won?
Winners will be posted here.

Where can I read the winning entry?
The winning entries are posted here.


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