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Writer's Digest Best Writing Advice Websites for Writers 2022

Here are the top writing advice websites as identified in the 24th Annual 101 Best Websites from the May/June 2022 issue of Writer's Digest.

Here are the top writing advice websites as identified in the 24th Annual 101 Best Websites from the May/June 2022 issue of Writer's Digest.

Writer's Digest Best Writing Advice Websites for Writers 2022

Career Authors

Five authors (many of whom are also agents or editors) shed light on the nuances of a writing career, like how to ask other writers to blurb your book or how much of a current event should appear in your story (hello, pandemic). Plus, they frequently have a variety of guest contributors.

Fight Write

Author and trained fighter Carla Hoch loves to help authors tackle the toughest questions, like How can a character escape a pair of handcuffs? and How should my character fight a monster? Originally a blog, Fight Write has expanded to include a book, YouTube channel, podcast, and even a class through Writer’s Digest University.

Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping Writers Become Authors is an all-encompassing writing and publishing resource from author K. M. Weiland, whose mission is to help writers finish their manuscripts to become published.

The Manuscript Academy

The Manuscript Academy is a perpetual online conference featuring craft and business workshops by some of the most respected literary agents, editors, and authors in publishing today. Some classes are free, but there are also two levels of monthly membership (basic for $49.99/month or gold for $69.99/month) and new events and classes every week.

Nathan Bransford Blog

A bestselling author, editor, and former literary agent, Nathan Bransford’s blog is full of 15 years’ worth of writing and publishing advice. Neatly organized into three categories, you can also sign up for a free newsletter or use the forum to nominate your first page or query letter for a free (public) critique on the blog.

Practicing Writing Blog

Writer and literary advocate Erika Dreifus offers information on publishing opportunities that charge no fees, publications that pay writers, and writing-related news and updates. Practicing Writing offers resources for writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and more.

The Creative Penn

So much more than just a blog, Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn also features a podcast with a wide variety of respected guests, courses (with a risk-free trial period), books, and much more. As the author of 30+ books and owner of her own small press, she knows the ins and outs of writing, self-publishing, and marketing.

Writer Unboxed

Founded in 2006 by Kathleen Bolton and Therese Walsh, Writer Unboxed has been a go-to resource at WD for more than a decade. With monthly contributors from editors, bestselling authors, literary agents, and more, Writer Unboxed offers an empowering and positive take on writing.

Writers Helping Writers

WHW hosts a free blog that tackles the craft and business of publishing and printable PDFs to assist with your novel plotting, as well as paid-for services like one-on-one author coaching with established authors and editors and workshops on craft topics such as how to raise your story’s stakes without killing anyone.

Writing Questions Answered

With over 30,000 followers and dozens of daily submitted questions, Writing Questions Answered is a Tumblr account dedicated to answering writing questions, both broadly and specifically.

View the best live streams, podcasts, and YouTube channels roundup here.

Creativity & Expression

Are you a beginner writer? Do you want to put pen to paper but have a case of writer’s block? Learn creative writing techniques to launch your writing and transform your ideas into your next story. When you take this online course, you’ll explore creative writing topics and learn how descriptive writing can breathe life into your characters, setting, and plot with Rebecca McClanahan’s Word Painting. Stretch your imagination, develop your creative writing skills, and express your creativity with this writing course.

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Urban Legend

Urban Legend

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Grose, 12:6

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