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Beat Writer's Block - 10 Situation Starters to Get You Writing Again Quickly

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How to Overcome Writer's Block by Writing

"I have writer's block" is common phrase that runs through most writers' minds from time to time. With so many glorious ideas running around in our heads, it's hard to believe that occasionally we come up empty or stuck. There's nothing worse than sitting at your computer for an hour (or more) and coming up with little to show for it. Thankfully we have a writer's block cure that will help you get back to your productive writing ways.

In the free online download, 10 Situation Starters to Beat Writer's Block, we offer help on how to get over writer's block. You'll get 10 great story starter ideas designed to amp up your creativity and give you direction on where to begin. You'll be able to take each idea in any direction you want and make it your own. Want to add a stepmother who is secretly a witch? Do it. Want to add a treasure map left by long lost pirates? Go right ahead. Want to stick to the theme of the prompt and take the story in a more linear direction? You can! It's all up to you.

Tips for writer's block come in all shapes in sizes, but the best way of overcoming writer's block is to dive right in with some writing exercises. Enter your email below, download some now (for free), and get started right away!

10 Sitation Starters to Beat Writer's Block - Free Download

Getting Over Writer's Block

One of the best ways to overcome writer's block is to focus on the popular idea of having your characters take a journey. Perhaps you can come up with some journey ideas of your own (and I'm not talking about the band Journey, though we're certain you could come up with some fun stories about them too). The journey ideas that come to mind are ones where the characters set out to find something out about themselves or their lives.

Situation 1: After a brother and sister escape from the orphanage where they've been living unhappily, they stumble upon information regarding their parents, who were supposedly dead—but not according to one of the documents.

Situation 2: An adopted child wonders why her birth parents had given her up for adoption. The deeper she probes, the greater the mystery becomes—there's some indication that one or both of her birth parents were criminals. The closer she gets to solving the mystery, the more resistance she encounters.

Finding out how to cure writer's block is as simple as using writing prompts, story starters and idea generators. After all, the only way to beat this tricky writing ailment is to have a little inspiration. Let this free download be your inspiration.

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