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Writer’s Digest 2020 Editorial Calendar


The Future Is ... Issue

In which we consider the future of writing and writers, both the future we see and the future we reach for.

Featuring the Annual Agent Round-Up

  • Writer’s Workbook: Working with an Agent 


100th Anniversary issue—Special Double Issue

In which we celebrate 100 years of writers helping writers.

+ The Winners of WD’s Annual Writing Competition

  • Writer’s Workbook: Writing Opinion Pieces (Editorials)


New Perspectives

In which we begin a new year, a new century for WD, and new perspectives on everything writing-related.

  • Writer’s Workbook: Character Motivations

Writer's Digest 2021 Editorial Calendar

March/April 2021

The Personal Issue

Sub theme: Write Your Life’s Story

+ Self-Published Book Award Announcement

May/June 2021

The Curiosity Issue

+ 101 Best Websites

+ Self-Published E-book Award Announcement

+ Personal Essay Awards

July/August 2021

The Bravery Issue

Sub theme: Writing for Social Change

+ Short Short Story Award Announcement

+ Poetry Award Announcement

Sept/Oct 2021

The Story Issue

+ The Annual Agent Round-Up

Nov/Dec 2021

The Magic Issue

· WD Annual Competition Award Announcement

Jan/Feb 2022

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