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Writing Travel Essays: How To Actually Get Paid To Travel and Write

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The Best Tips and Prompts for Taking Your Writing On the Road

Travel writing is an excellent way to see the world while also getting paid for it. But to be a travel writer you need to be focused and attentive at all times. Your goal is to give insight and deliver an angle about a destination that’s never been captured before. Your writing needs to entice the audience of the periodical or magazine that has hired your freelancing services.

There are travel writing courses that will give you an in-depth look at how to generate ideas, execute professional articles, sell them to markets who are always on the lookout for great travel writing and more. But you don’t need a course to teach you the basic rules that every great travel writer adheres to.

In this free Writer’s Digest download, Writing the Travel Essay, you’ll get top-notch advice on the essential keys to writing great travel essays. You’ll also receive 10 great ideas on how to brainstorm and get you’re creative juices in the right frame of mind when looking for details to include in your travel writing. Let this free advice boost your travel writing career, download your free guide today.

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Love to write and travel? Here's how you can get paid to do both! Check out this free guide to writing travel essays.

Sneak Peek - Three Tips for Travel Writers

Here’s a little snippet of what you’ll get in the download, which offers up three important tips you always need to remember before taking your trip.

Best Travel Writing Tips: Research

Read as much as you can about your destination before you arrive, and don’t just read the guidebooks. Read up on the region’s history and economy, explore the cooking and agriculture, and try to understand religious observances. This way, if you see something unfamiliar or peculiar, you’ll have a better chance of understanding the reasoning behind the custom.

Best Travel Writing Tips: Think Outside the Box

Newspaper travel sections often reduce travel writing to a list of hotels and tourist-friendly restaurants. These articles can be useful, certainly, to first-time travelers, but as an essayist, remember that you are digging for deeper treasure, looking for meaning in an experience, not just bargains.

Best Travel Writing Tips: Be A Writer

There is a difference between travel writers and tourists. A tourist is on vacation; a travel writer is on a pursuit.

Learn how to become a paid travel writer wth the tips and prompts in this free download.

Learn How to Write Travel Essays with this Free Download

One of our favorite travel writing articles, this simple yet effective list of tips and prompts will help put your travel writing on the road to success. When carving your path to becoming a freelance travel writer, be sure to heed this advice. There are perks to travel writing—getting to visit different places, meeting new people, writing off travel as business expenses, trying things you never would have tried on your own, etc.—but if you want to become a travel writer that editors can count on, remember to be professional and fine-tune your craft to come up with the most captivating feature you can. Download your free travel writing tips and prompts today.

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But don't let your education stop here. Start with this free download, but you should also consider more in-depth travel writing courses. This excellent resource on travel writing covers all the ins and outs that you need to know when it comes to become a successful travel writer. Learn all the different types of travel articles you can write, how to find and verify information and more. You will also get tips on being your own photographer.


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