14 Amateur Mistakes Every Writer Should Avoid

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Don't make these common writing mistakes!

We all need help writing a novel from time to time—whether that be during national novel writing month (NaNoWriMo) or while working on your novel as part of your New Year's resolution—and we want to help you improve your novel (and avoid mistakes in all your future writing). There are several missteps that unpublished writers make that scream "rookie" to agents and publishers. Most are easy to fix, but the key is identifying them. That's where we can help.

In this Writer's Digest free download, How to Avoid Amateur Mistakes, James V. Smith, Jr., walks you through 14 of the most common faux pas that many writers make when working on their first few novels. Making these changes will help improve your writing and make it look more professional. Plus, it will help you speed up your writing process and allow you the opportunity to write a novel in a month, if you're up to the challenge.

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14 tips to help every writer avoid amateur writing mistakes.

Sneak Peek – Tips on Writing Better

As a writer, one of your top goals should be not to intrude in your story. The problem is, many of us do it without even realizing it. Here are a few examples from this FREE download of ways writers intrude in their stories and hurt the end product, making it more difficult to get published:

Tired Expressions

Like right out of sitcoms, movies, or even the day's news. Using them is like putting a stick-on note in the margin of your manuscript: Hi, I'm the author, and I watch too much TV. Hell-OH-o, don't go there, I don't think so as in any sitcom or teen conversation.

Goofy Gimmicks and Grammatical Gadgets!!!

This includes alliteration—writing with words that begin with the same letter—and odd punctuation like multiple exclamation points.

Cute Quote Marks

She had never met an author so tall—seven feet, an authentic "literary giant." Do you see the quotes? That's the author. He's winking at you from behind the narrative, telling you he's made a funny, wanting you to notice it. Take off the quotes, and the irony works just as well.

Preaching From the Mouth of a Character

When I hear a novel's heroine use a tired expression like, "male chauvinist pig," whether the language comes in quotes or not, I know the writer couldn't find a more artful, less preachy way to say the same thing.

Help writing a book and avoiding amateur mistakes.

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