Where is the List of 28 Secret Agents?

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Q. The other day, I saw a link to an article called something like "28 Agents Who Want Your Work" or something like that. It was a useful list but I didn't save it, and am now wondering how to find it (or other articles like it). Thanks!
- Quentin

A. I know that article very well because I put it together! The article you speak of is put out every year in Writer's Digest magazine. It's a short, exclusive list of agents who have confirmed that they are open to working with new writers. The article is put online for a short time but then pulled after several months to avoid any material being outdated. This year, the article will be in the September 2009 issue, and that hits newsstands on Aug. 18. When that issue is off newsstands (October?), we will put all the info online (www.writersdigest.com) for free. Look for the info then or buy the issue when it comes out a month before.

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