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Should You Query About a Trilogy or Series?

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Q: I've heard that agents don't like trilogies from debut writers. Is that right?

A: I think all agents love trilogies. What you want to be wary about is pitching trilogies upfront. I've heard a few agents say they don't mind getting pitched a series, but I've heard more say that you need to pitch one book at a time. That said, I always advise you pitch one book at a time because, that way, you will never get in trouble.
Cause here's the thing: If you propose Book #1 and they like it, they'll start an e-mail dialogue with you or call or on the phone. One of the first questions they will ask, I promise you, will be, "So - what else are you working on or writing?" Of course they will ask this! It's a natural thing to inquire about and they are, naturally, very interested in your career path. And that’s when you say, "Well, I'm halfway through the second book in that series and I've got some outlines for other projects…"

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