Should Writers Have a Website?

Should writers have a website? Why or why not? We take a closer look.

There are a few “business of writing” questions I’m frequently asked via email and at live events, including whether writers should use social media or if authors should have a blog. Another common question is whether writers should have a website. And in most cases, I feel the answer is yes.

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Unlike social media and blogging, an author website requires a minimum time investment from the writer, but it can have some long-lasting benefits. I’ll discuss in more detail below, but I feel this is the best place for most writers to start when building their writing platform.

Every author’s online platform is his or her biggest asset, and creating one is vitally important for your long-term success. However, there have never been more demands on an author’s time than today. In this session, expert book marketer Fauzia Burke, will teach you which efforts are worth your time and which ones are distractions.

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Should Writers Have a Website?

I feel the answer to this question is yes in most cases, but why do I feel that way? The first reason is that a website is your primary piece of real estate on the internet.

Some writers may point to their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other social media site. And there is value in social media profiles for some writers. However, social media platforms come and go. Just ask anyone who used MySpace or AOL. Once you have your own website, you have control over whether it stays live.

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You also get to control the messaging about you and your writing projects on your own site. Even if your site is filled only with static pages, you get to decide what content will go on those pages. You’ll have the ability to write your About You message, provide readers (and other media and publishing professionals) with the best way to contact you, share links to your social media profiles, give information about your writing projects and books, and more.

Finally, you get to decide how much to invest in your website. In the beginning, you may just want to lock down your domain name. Then, you may decide to create a basic static website. As your writing career grows, you can invest more time and money in your website. And eventually, you may find it’s the top result for anyone searching for you or your writing projects online.

One thought on “Should Writers Have a Website?

  1. Avatarazrialexia

    The issue I’ve been having is to decide what to focus on with my author blog. I feel like if I write about the writing craft it will be longer before I reach success because it’s such a small community, but on the other hand when I try to write about other issues (usually philosophing about society standards) it feels weird and ungenuine. Any tips on how to better assert myself there?


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