Querying Hollywood (2008 GLA Article Excerpt)

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2008 Article Excerpt:

Screenwriter Candy Davis talks about the
differences between an agent
and a manager in Hollywood.

"...The first thing you need to know is that an "agent," per se, is not necessarily the best target for a newbie writer unless you happen to be in his immediate family. An "agent" is a wheeler-dealer who tends to his own hive of already famous (writers). He creates placements for the proven moneymakers he knows he can count on. As a general rule, he's not interested in new writers, and the words pro bono are not in his dictionary."
"If you're indeed a newbie, try targeting people who bill themselves as managers. A manager is someone who makes herself available to new talent and helps develop and polish a script. She's just as picky as any agent, and yes, she gets a bigger percentage of your take - somewhere around 15 percent. To the writer living outside Tinseltown, she's worth it. Managers nurture new talent with deft coaching, high expectations and a kick in the pants when needed."

- "Querying Hollywood: Know Your Target and Pitch That Script" (page 22)

WhileGuide to Literary Agentsis best known for its large and detailed list of literary agencies, every edition has plenty of informational articles and interviews designed to help writers perfect their craft and contact agents wisely. The 2008 edition is no different, with more than 80 pages of articles addressing numerous writing and publishing topics.


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