Querying Hollywood (2008 GLA Article Excerpt)

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2008 Article Excerpt:

Screenwriter Candy Davis talks about the
differences between an agent
and a manager in Hollywood.

"...The first thing you need to know is that an "agent," per se, is not necessarily the best target for a newbie writer unless you happen to be in his immediate family. An "agent" is a wheeler-dealer who tends to his own hive of already famous (writers). He creates placements for the proven moneymakers he knows he can count on. As a general rule, he's not interested in new writers, and the words pro bono are not in his dictionary."
"If you're indeed a newbie, try targeting people who bill themselves as managers. A manager is someone who makes herself available to new talent and helps develop and polish a script. She's just as picky as any agent, and yes, she gets a bigger percentage of your take - somewhere around 15 percent. To the writer living outside Tinseltown, she's worth it. Managers nurture new talent with deft coaching, high expectations and a kick in the pants when needed."

- "Querying Hollywood: Know Your Target and Pitch That Script" (page 22)

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