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Precast Inc. Magazine: Spotlight Market

Spotlight Market: Precast Inc. Magazine is a trade publication for owners and managers of plant-produced concrete products used in construction, paying $1/word for nonfiction articles of 1,500-2,500 words on average.
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Spotlight markets (we're looking at Precast Inc. Magazine this week) are an excellent way to discover new freelance writing opportunities.

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Precast Inc. Magazine: Spotlight Market

Precast Inc. Magazine is a trade publication for owners and managers of plant-produced concrete products used in construction. Publishes business articles, technical articles, company profiles, safety articles, and project profiles, with the intent of educating their readers in order to increase the quality and use of precast concrete.

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The magazine is 75% freelance written. And this market pays a very healthy $1 per word for nonfiction articles of 1,500-2,500 words on average.

What They’re Looking For: “Our primary freelance needs are about general business or technology topics. Of course, if you are an engineer or a writer specializing in industry, construction, or manufacturing technology, other possibilities may exist. Writing style should be concise, yet lively and entertaining. We require a third-person perspective, and encourage a positive tone and active voice.”

How to Submit: Prospective authors should query managing editor Sara Geer at

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