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Hi Writers,

Today I was reading a chapter on "Positioning" in a book called Write as a Verb by author and motivational speaker Bill O'Hanlon.

O'Hanlon writes about how important it is for a book to "occupy a unique position in the marketplace" and that it not "appear like too many other books already out there."

This is an important thing to consider when you first set out to write your book. Even if your book is about a subject that is of wide interest, you need to find an interesting and unique approach to the topic. This act of positioning your book in a crowded market is also important when you go to market your book. Make sure to communicate the ways in which your book is different. What is the unique stance your book takes on your subject? What sets it apart from the crowd? Conveying that message in your marketing, whether you are putting together a mass email or letter to a potential reviewer, is crucial to your success.

Check out more great advice from Bill O'Hanlon on his website www.getyourbookwritten.com

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