Old School Rap Medley Decision ... and the Hunt for Catholic Parish Festivals

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Well, I put out an APB for a good old-school rap song to include in an old-school rap medley. We got a bunch of good suggestions, and we ended up going with Tone Loc's "Wild Thing," which you can see here on YouTube, if for some reason the (awesome) song doesn't ring a bell. Thanks for your suggestions. I think Tone Loc will fit very nicely with MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Six Mix a Lot, and Run DMC.

Band sidenote: If you happen to be Catholic like me, and are part of organizing a Catholic parish festival this summer somewhere near Cincinnati, please feel free to look over our stuff/website. We just got the contract for our first one this year, and love to get the crowds dancing at festivals. Fun fun fun.

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The great Tone Loc.