My Agent and I Sold a Book!

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I've kind of kept this news under wraps for a while but I recently got the OK from my editor to let the news out. My agent and I sold a book! In late 2009, we sold my humor book, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, to Ten Speed Press, which is part of Crown, which is part of Random House. Here's the cover-in-progress. It's not finished yet, but you get the gist:

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Very exciting! The contract is signed and my editor and I are in the wave of first edits right now. I was very lucky to land where I did. Although it's being released by a company as huge as Random House, because the imprint Ten Speed is handling it, the book is getting love and personal attention. Bonus.

The book comes out on Sept. 21, 2010. If you know any relatives, friends or neighbors that either possess garden gnomes or live in the vicinity of gnomes, for God's sake they need this book. While garden gnomes are thought to be symbols of merriment and good will, secretly they're watching you and conspiring while pushing their little wheelbarrows. The book is a guide to assess if you're in danger, fortify (gnome-proof) your home inside and out, and, if necessary, combat a gnome in close quarters with a variety of weapons.

Getting the book bought was a fun journey. I wrote the book proposal in May; I edited it in June-July with my agent, Sorche Fairbank; she sent it out in August; publishers expressed interest quickly; Ten Speed made a pre-empt offer in October, and we accepted. It was all very quick. I've already learned a lot through the process and continue to learn things, so I will pass on all sorts of cool info to you along this adventure.

So remember: Defend yourself when the garden warriors strike (and they will).


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