March Premium Kit is "Make Money Freelancing." Tons of Stuff for a Deep Discount.

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The WD Premium Collection Bundle Kits are new this
year and they're very simple in nature. We bundle a ton of stuff
relating to a topic—in this case, Make Money Freelancing—and
we sell the bundle of awesome material at 66% off. Easy peasy. There
were 100 bundles for the February kit and as of writing this only about 40
remain. Grab one before they're gone!

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WD's March "Make Money
Freelancing" Kit Includes:

If you want to write for a living, or make a few extra bucks to line your pockets, this Premium Collection gives you the tools you need to see (and make) some green:

  1. 102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1500 Words or Less: Discover the wide array of freelancing opportunities available, including fast-food tray liner copy, person-to-person correspondence, and resumes!
  2. Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing: Identify the types of articles that sell, and how to find the right magazines for those articles. Includes insider tips on writing query letters and managing relationships with editors.
  3. Magazine Article Writing Independent Study Workshop: See your articles published in trade magazines, regional publications, and national consumer publications. Learn how to deliver the well-researched, reader-targeted articles that editors are looking for.

  4. "Sell Freelance Articles" On-Demand Webinar: Learn all aspects of freelance writing, from gathering ideas to catching an editor's eye to crafting winning queries. You'll also learn how payment works and what warning signs to watch out for when dealing with potential clients.
  5. Writer's Digest November/December 2009 Digital Issue: This issue focuses on writing short to break out. Articles include "5 Reasons Writing Small Can Help You Make it Big," and "Diversify Your Writing Portfolio."
  6. "How Much Should I Charge?" Rate Card: Price your work appropriately, with guidelines for almost every type of writing, from ad copywriting to feature article writing, even indexing and editing.

This exclusive premium collection is valued at $347.97, but while supplies last, you pay only $124.99 (a savings of 63%). Order yours here. Please note product will begin to ship on or after March 14, 2011. Free shipping.

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