List of Book Fairs and Book Festivals by State

Book fairs and festivals are great events for writers and readers to meet up and celebrate books of all genres. Here’s a list of book fairs and book festivals that we’ve compiled and will continue to update.

It should come as no surprise that everyone on the Writer’s Digest team loves books. As such, we love all the same things other readers and writers love: well-stocked libraries, over-stuffed bookstores, and vibrant book fairs and festivals.

Readers love book fairs, because, well, books! But writers can gain a lot from book fairs and festivals as well. Of course, there’s the whole promotion and sales angle, but it’s a great venue for connecting with readers, writers, and publishers. Plus, it’s becoming more and more common that book fairs and festivals host speakers.

The following list of book fairs and festivals is broken up by state. The name of the event links to the event’s website to get the most current information about it.

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Alabama Book Festival. April, 2020; Montgomery.


Tucson Festival of Books. March 14-15, 2020; Tucson.


Six Bridges Book Festival. April, 2020; Little Rock.


Literary Festival of Women Authors. March 7, 2020; Long Beach.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. April 18-19, 2020; Los Angeles.


Fort Collins Book Fest. October 18-19, 2019; Fort Collins.


Amelia Island Book Festival. February 13-15, 2020; Amelia Island.

Miami Book Fair. November 17-24, 2019; Miami.

OE Book Fair. April 26, 2020; Tampa.

Palm Beach Book Festival. March 20-21; Boca Raton.

Southwest Florida Reading Festival. March 7, 2020; Fort Myers.

Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading. November 9, 2019; St. Petersburg.


AJC Decatur Book Festival. Labor Day weekend, 2020; Decatur.

Dahlonega Literary Festival. March 6-7, 2020; Dahlonega.

Jekyll Island Book Festival. April 11, 2020; Jekyll Island.

Savannah Book Festival. February 13-16, 2020; Savannah.


Kentucky Book Festival. November 10-16, 2019; Lexington.

Southern Kentucky Book Fest. March, 2020; Bowling Green.


Evanston Literary Festival. May, 2020; Evanston.


Louisiana Book Festival. November 2, 2019; Baton Rouge.

Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival. March 25-29, 2020; New Orleans.


Annapolis Book Festival. April 25, 2020; Annapolis.

Baltimore Book Festival. November 1-10, 2019; Baltimore.


Boston Book Festival. October 19-20, 2019; Copley Square and Roxbury.


Midwest Literary Walk. April 25, 2020; Chelsea.


Unbound Book Festival. April 23-25, 2020; Columbia.

New Jersey

Montclair Literary Festival. March 25-29, 2020; Montclair.

New York

Brooklyn Book Festival. September, 2020; Brooklyn.

North Carolina

Greensboro Bound Literary Festival. May 14-17, 2020; Greensboro.


Books by the Banks. October 26, 2019; Cincinnati.

Ohioana Book Festival. April, 2020; Columbus.


Portland Book Festival. November 9, 2019; Portland.


African American Children’s Book Fair. February 1, 2020; Philadelphia.

York Book Expo. November 2, 2019; York.

South Carolina

Bluffton Book Festival. November 21-23, 2019; Bluffton.

Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival. November 7-10, 2019; Charleston.

South Dakota

Great American Book Festival. May, 2020; Rapid City.


National Black Book Festival. October 24-26, 2019; Houston.

San Antonio Book Festival. April 4, 2020; San Antonio.

Texas Book Festival. October 26-27, 2019; Austin.


Brattleboro Literary Festival. October 17-20, 2019; Brattleboro.


Virginia Children’s Book Festival. October 16-18, 2019; Farmville.

Virginia Festival of the Book. March 18-22; Charlottesville.


Orcas Island Lit Fest. April 17-19, 2020; Eastsound.


Fox Cities Book Festival. April 16-17, 2020; various locations.

Wisconsin Book Festival. October 17-20, 2019; Madison.

3 thoughts on “List of Book Fairs and Book Festivals by State

  1. Avatarspeert

    You left out the Morristown Festival of Books ( The free annual event features more than 50 authors across all genres, with author book signings after every presentation. A Friday night Keynote event kicks off each MFOB. The 2019 Keynote was a fascinating talk with Preet Bharara. The next event will be October 9 & 10, 2020.

  2. AvatarCp2e

    May I recommend you add the West Virginia Book Festival (Oct. 2 & 3, 2020) to your list? The guest speakers in the past few years have included James Patterson, Neil Gaiman, R.L. Stine, Jodi Picoult, Eric Foner and many more. Admission is free.


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