Leah's '12 Points of Contracts'

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Look for an upcoming interview on this blog with Dorchester books editor Leah Hultenschmidt. Typically, I interview agents only, yes, but I met Leah at a conference in Italy last year and you can just tell immediately that this editor knows her stuff inside and out. Very smart lady, and I wanted to get her knowledge on the blog to help writers.

In the meantime, before the interview goes up here, I suggest you check her simple yet informative post on contracts. Leah says that when she calls an author directly (no agent) to offer a book deal, she will always go over 12 important points in the contract. See the list of 12 below, but I suggest you read the entire post on her Romantic Reads blog to get the full experience.

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1. How many books
2. The advance
3. Royalty rate
4. Sales territories
5. Translation rights
6. Audio rights
7. Electronic rights
8. Reprint rights
9. Movie/TV/radio/merchandising
10. 1st serial/2nd serial/digest
11. Option and first refusal clause
12. Due dates...