Is There a Difference Between Literary Agents and Script Agents?

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Q. I’m completing my first two scripts currently, and I was wondering if there was a difference between a literary agent vs. a script or screenplay agent, and if so what? Also, in the new Screenwriter’s and Playwright’s Market book, does it list script managers or just script and literary agents?
- Dimitri

A. Yes, literary agents are different from script agents. They tend to specialize in one or the other. Some reps do cross over, but that is rare.
First off, know that there is a difference between a script agent and a script manager. Managers are more likely to take on a newbie who doesn't have LA connections. Managers cannot sell your work, but they can nurture your career, and they have the contacts to help sell your work.
The new WD market book, Screenwriter's & Playwright's Market, indeed lists script agents and managers. It does not list literary agents.

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